Saturday, 9 March 2013

Tealips Bubble Tea and Waffles

Restaurant: Tealips Bubble Tea and Waffles Area: Burnaby, BC
Address:7130 Arcola Street, Burnaby
1: Poor 2: OK 3: Good 4: Very good 5: Excellent
Food: 2
Price: Moderate
For our friends birthday, we decided to take them out for waffles instead of just giving them a present! It took us forever to decide on a place but after them saying that they wanted to eat waffles we decided to go to Tealips in Burnaby!

But before we met up with our friends at Tealips, Faith and I where in Metropolis and when it was time to meet up with them, Faith had the crazy idea to walk to Tealips. It wasn't impossible but it takes A LONG TIME to walk there!

 After you ordered they gave us this device that tells you when your order is ready. You just choose a table and wait till the device beeps, it almost like a caf...When we went there was practically no one since it was like the middle of the weekday where everyone has school except us! Pro-D Day! :D

On the Table: 

 Our first friend ordered the Matcha Red Bean Liege Waffle ($5.25). The plating to this dish was so cute! I loved the plate they used and the whole dish looked sumptuous! But it wasn't really, the liege waffle wasn't really crispy, it was a little soggy. The ice cream was just vanilla ice cream with matcha power on top, I wished it was actual matcha ice cream, it would have tasted better other than that there wasn't any other match flavor in it. The red beans were just regular red beans that you could get in a package.

Our other friend got the Chocolate Almond Liege Waffle ($5.50).  This was basically the same thing except it was chocolate and almonds. The waffle in this dish was more crispy then the matcha. The ice cream was the same. I thought there was too little almonds, as there was only a few scattered around the plate and none in the actual waffle or on it.

We were a little disappointed about the waffles, they weren't as good as we thought they were from the review. Though we still have not gotten the shaved ice so we most likely would come back for that since it gotten such good review on the shaved ice. I wished one of my friends had chosen the shaved ice instead of waffles... 

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