Monday, 2 April 2012

BBT Café – Average Food

Restaurant: BBT Café
Cuisine: Chinese
Area: Kerrisdale
Address: 5979 West Boulevard
1: Poor 2: OK 3: Good 4: Very good 5: Excellent

Food: 3
Service: 2.5
Price: Fair
We never ate at BBT Café before but we had came here for bubble tea before. Their pudding for their bubble tea is so good! 
We came here around 3:30 pm so there weren’t a lot of people around.  We were seated really fast and the server brought us tea. The service was way better than last time; we had to wait 1 HOUR for our bubble tea last time! It was a horrible experience! People who ordered before us were getting their bubble teas while we were waiting for ours. We complained 3 times and every time they told us that “it was coming”. We left very pissed.
Anyways this time the service was better but we still had to wait until they noticed that we wanted to order.
The food:
Since we weren’t that hungry we ordered only one meal but since they had a $3.45 minimum order for each person, we had to order a bubble tea too. 
We ordered the Fish Soup Noodles ($8.50). This came out with a bowl of noodles and a plate of deep fried fish. The fish was served really hot and we got about 9 pieces of fish on our plate. It was crispy, nicely flavored and had simple seasoning. It was tender and was not over fried. It was delicious. 
Sorry for the bad quality pictures >.< we forgot our camera so we had to use our phones >.<

The noodles had cabbage, yellow noodles, mushroom and carrots. We felt the cabbage was not tender enough. The soup was thick and mildly flavored and also had the taste of the sour part of a sweet and sour soup. The noodles were not Al Dente and could have been cooked a little longer (it was kind-of hard). The noodles also had some parsley on it, Grace thought it was a nice touch but Faith hated it, mainly because she detests parsley.  In the end this was a average noodle soup. 

For the bubble tea, we ordered the Longan Milk Tea ($4.25). This took about 10 minutes to come, we almost forgot about it until it came. The bubble tea was very pleasant and had the taste (a good taste) to it, we think it was longan but I wasn’t too sure because we have longan for a long time! LOL
Anyways this was a good bubble tea as the beginning but as we were finishing it we got sick of the flavor, we don’t know why but we did. Also the drink had A LOT of ice in it; it took up 1/3 of the cup!
Overall I would come back but only for the bubble tea and maybe not the food especially when there are even better restaurants in Vancouver and Richmond.  Also their service is very inconsistent and we would never know if we would have to wait a long time for the food or not.

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