Sunday, 22 September 2013

First Vegan Burger!

Restaurant: Tera V Burger
Area: West Broadway
Address: 2961 West Broadway
1: Poor 2: OK 3: Good 4: Very good 5: Excellent
Food: 4
Price: $$

We went out with a friend who came to visit from Langley,we were bussing to West Broadway when she said she was quite famished and since she's a vegetarian there is not a lot of options. She suggest Tera V Burger, at first Grace and I thought she said Terra Breads.....
When we first walked in it was empty, except for 2 people sitting outside the stores, I really wanted to try the smoothies but I wasn't hungry so maybe next time~
Tall Girl just walked up and ordered just like that! Grace and I took our time since we weren't as hungry. Tera V has burgers, sandwiches/paninis, wraps and salads.

On the Table:

After a while we finally decided to share a No Bull Burger combo #2 -which includes the burger, yam fries or salad, and a drink. We had the yam fries and ginger ale.
It seems like there was only one person working the counter and the back, he was quite friendly and the service was fast (he bought the food to our table) for only 1 person working.

The burger was quite yummy and if someone bought us this without tell us it was vegan we would totally thought this was a meat burger! It was well made and bit messy to eat. The yam fries were ample and a bit soggy. I (Faith) personally thought it was quite an expensive meal for a burger+fries+drink (or is it because I'm cheap?) It was around $11 for the meal tho....

The food was great but quite expensive. But the service was fast and prompt. Would we come again? only if our vegan friend wants to go again with us. If we go to Broadway ourselves, we wouldn't go there since there are tons of other, more cheaper, yummier resturants on Broadway.

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